Professional Tree Removal in Victoria & Southern Vancouver Island

The choice to remove a tree should not be taken lightly.

However, in some cases, tree issues can’t be corrected with pruning alone. If a tree’s health has been severely compromised, it can pose a risk to both property and people.

Our experienced team can provide you with a free on-site assessment to determine if tree removal is necessary and subsequently carry out the work in a safe and efficient manner.

We work in accordance with the best arboricultural practices and follow tree protection bylaws.

Signs It Might Be Time to Remove Your Tree

  • Diseased/decayed/dead
  • Heavy lean
  • Root problems
  • Severe storm damage
  • Wrong location
  • Compromised structure/unions

Emergency Tree Removal

Seasonal storms and extreme weather conditions can lead to tree failure. Strong winds in Victoria combined with heavy rains have resulted in an increase in tree emergencies.

If a tree or branch has fallen or is about to fall on a property, it’s time to seek an arborist.

We use professional tree/safety gear and modern tree climbing techniques to overcome the challenges.


Victoria, BC, falls under the Tree Protection Bylaw, so in many cases, you might require a permit.

Protected trees in Victoria, BC include:

  • A tree with a diameter over 30 cm
  • A hedge that contains any stem with a diameter over 30 cm
  • Garry Oak, Arbutus, Pacific Yew or Pacific Dogwood over 50 cm in height measured above ground
  • A replacement tree
  • A tree that is protected by a restrictive covenant
  • A tree of any size that is on a slope where the slope grade is greater than 33% over 10m
  • A tree of any size that is within 15m of the natural boundary of a watercourse

Victoria has a wide variety of trees. Some common evergreen trees are spruce, pine, hemlock, cedar, fir, and yew trees. Common deciduous trees are dogwood, birch, cottonwood, chestnut, and maple trees. The provincial tree of BC is the western red cedar.

Garry Oak, Arbutus, Pacific Yew and Pacific Dogwood over 50 cm in height measured above ground are protected by bylaws in Victoria, BC. Other restrictions may apply depending on the size and location of the trees.

To cut down a tree in Victoria, BC, can cost, on average, between $300 and $2500. The cost varies. It depends on the complexity of the tree removal, the tree size, the equipment needed and other factors. Difficult to access or technical removals can cost upwards $3000.

More Information About Tree Permits & Bylaws

(Click on the logos below to learn about tree bylaws in your area.)